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About us


Large spaces everywhere. 100 m2 is our Large Apartment, which we recommend for 4-5 people and 50 m2 is the Medium, but you can stay in our smallest accommodation with your partner.

Our Apartments are excellently equipped and meet all needs. We provide free WIFI for our Guests.

Szép (Nice) Balaton:
Your own world

You have to get yourself to turn it off first. We provide the rest. You will belong to a special club, the rules of which we have brought for your peace of mind. You get your own undisturbed world. A break from the ordinary: the lights of the water, the sounds of the lake, the touch of the wind, the protection of the reeds.

Your own beach.

Relax with the sounds of reeds and Lake Balaton. Nature is a few steps. Private lake shore. Own grassy groves. Playing sports in and around the water. Culinary delights in the area’s restaurants, wineries and own masterpieces in the well-equipped kitchen.

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